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things i am scared of doing: 

  • ordering food in a restaurant 
  • walking down a busy high street on my own 
  • talking to people on the phone 
  • eating in front of people 
  • asking for help in a shop 
  • meeting new people 
  • being in a big crowd of people with a lot of people i don’t know 

the future looks bright for me 

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Who doesn’t want Ellen dancing across their blog?

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NIALL: -drops his tea-
LOUIS: Oh, for God’s sake, Niall!
HARRY: For the benefit of the radio, Niall just dropped his tea.

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Chris Brown has started following me on twitter and I almost died…..




wondering how many miles I’ve scrolled on tumblr

What if we had to run however many miles we’ve scrolled 


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Okay now this deserves to be re-blogged rather than half naked girls or expensive shit like seriously grow a damn heart.

Bless you and your mom.

2 young brothers killed after being hit by car


Yeah, I’d just like to take this time to share this with you guys, this terrible, terrible accident happen about five minutes away from my house, i am extremely devastated that such a night would turn out this way. As for the man who was found shot dead, Jose Banda. I knew him, we were friends back in middle school. For the two young boys, my heart and prayers go out to all their family and friends, i know how hard it is to lose someone in your life, although I didn’t know the young boys both me and my mother cried after finding this out. Keep them in your prayers you guys.


didn’t even make it past the first line before i had to reblog

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